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Mini Gel Mani

Gel Dryer

Mini Mani or Mini Pedi 

Remove/soak off gel, cuticle work, file & shape nails, buff, gel & oil.  £25


Gel removal - soak off gel (brands that I haven’t applied). From £5 


Optional Extras ~

Repair Nail - From £3 per tip   

IBX - Fantastic Nail Strengthener & Repair system  +£5  

French Polish & Nail Art - From £5     

Acrylics Nail Extensions

Stage of manicure: modeling of nail with acryl. Manicurist serve client in beauty salon..j

Full Set of Tips (includes gel finish)

Short £25

Standard Length  £30                                                                                                              

Long Length £35

Acrylic Infill & Rebalancing.   £18                                                                                                        

Acrylic overlay on natural nails.  £20   


Replacement Tips. From £3 per tip                                                                                                       

Removal & Mini Manicure - remove acrylic nails plus mini mani.  £35                                                     

Repair Nail. From £3 per tip                                                                                                                                                                                               

Acrylics or Gel removal - soak off gel (brands I haven’t applied). From £10                                              

French polish & Nail art  From £5                                                                                         




File & shape nails, relaxing warm soak, cuticle work, polish, hand massage & oil. £25       



File & shape nails, relaxing warm soak, cuticle work, exfoliate hands, hand & arm heat mask, hand & arm massage followed with Polish.  £30


Gel removal - soak off gel (brands that I haven’t applied).  From £5 


Optional Extras ~

Gel Finish - upgrade from polish  +£10

OPI Gel Break - OPI treatment +£5

IBX - Fantastic Nail Strengthener & Repair system +£5

Nail repair - From £3 per tip

Nail Art - From £5     


Relaxing Pedicure


Cut, File & shape, relaxing warm soak, cuticle work, hard skin removal, leg & foot massage, polish. £25



Cut, File & shape, hard skin removal, exfoliate feet, relaxing warm soak, cuticle work followed with a leg & foot heated mask and massage & polish.  £33    Gel Polish finish £40


Optional Extras ~

Fabulous hard Skin removal system 'Callus Peel'  

Simple and very effective hard skin removal system, its pure luxury spa foot treatment that removes very hard thick callused skin. Your feet are incredibly soft & revitalised. 15-25 minute process.  add £18

Gel Finish - upgrade from polish  +£10

OPI Gel Break - OPI treatment +£5

IBX - Nail Strengthener & Repair  +£5

Nail Art - From £5     

IBX System

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 15.28.11.png

IBX is a protective treatment.


The two-part system, comprised of IBX strengthener and IBX Repair, is the key to protection from soak-off damage and the solution to weak, damaged, peeling nails in only a few applications. It penetrates into the nail plate and work to toughen from the inside out. It is the first treatment of its kind as it is applied like a polish, cured with LED or UV light, works inside the nail as opposed to sitting on top and requires no removal.​​

 “Repair & Strengthen” Application    From £5



Lash Lift / Tint


Lash Lift  £35

Lash Lift & tint £38

Lash Lift, tint & eyebrow tint £42





Waxing is the safest and most effective longest-lasting temporary hair removal technique available.   When wax is warm, it is applied to the area being treated and the hair is pulled out from the root. Hair grows back in 3 to 6 weeks. 

Waxing preparation

Be prepared – if it’s your first wax, or you haven’t been recently, you should trim your hairs to about 2cm making sure to leave enough hair for the wax to hold onto. Pulling out long hairs is more painful.

Relax – The thought of waxing is enough to make most people sweat, but the more relaxed you are the easier it will be to pull the hair out. Take a deep breath and then lie back and think of a happy place.

Full Leg   £25

1/2 Leg   £15

Underarm   £8

Forearm  £10

Full arm  £15

Bikini  £15

Lip  £5

Chin  £8

Eyebrow shape  £10

Optional Extra ~

Brow Tint  £5                                                            


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